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Virtualization Architect Qatar

Job Description

We Are Hiring: Virtualization Architect!

Do you love virtualization technology? Do you have a passion for designing and implementing complex IT solutions? We’re hiring a Virtualization Architect to join our growing team.

  • Position: Virtualization Architect
  • Location: Qatar
  • Experience: 5 Years


  • Five years’ experience in VMWare Infrastructure management
  • Three years’ experience in Software-defined (VNX) management
  • Three years’ experience in Cloud Virtualization management and High availability management
  • Responsibilities

  • Blueprint virtual environment (servers, storage, network)
  • Resource allocation, high availability, disaster recovery
  • Workload placement strategy
  • Develop virtualization strategy aligned with business needs
  • Oversee virtualization architecture implementation
  • Manage VMs, networks & storage
  • Configure & optimize resource allocation
  • Implement automation for VM provisioning/management
  • Monitor performance & health for proactive issue resolution
  • Integrate with cloud platform for scalability & high availability
  • Maintain system stability through regular maintenance
  • Prioritize scalability, performance, security & cost-effectiveness

  • Virtualization enthusiasts, level up your career! We’re looking for a VirtualizationArchitect to join our team. Be a part of building the future of IT infrastructure!

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    Qualifications and Skills

    • A bachelor’s degree in engineering (e.g., computer engineering, electrical engineering) or a related field like computer science
    • VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX)
    • VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization (VCP-DCV)
    • Microsoft Azure foundation
    • Google Cloud Foundation
    • VMWare Infrastructure management
    • Microsoft and Google Cloud Foundation
    • VMWare vRealize Management

    Job Requirements

    • Design virtualization solutions
    • Implement virtualization solutions
    • Manage virtualization solutions
    • Enhance IT infrastructure efficiency
    • Enhance IT infrastructure scalability
    • Enhance IT infrastructure performance

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