Who We are
& Our Smart Mission

We’re a people and change consultancy. We help our clients build organizational capability through their people by focusing on talent strategy, HR strategy, building winning cultures and making change happen.


While many factors influence a company’s ability to achieve high performance, perhaps none is more important than the workforce. To be sure, technology, strategy, and innovative new products and services are important. However, the workforce is the critical ingredient that ties it all together, translating ideas and goals into results.
MPD Services, our purpose is to put the right person in the right job every time. This means giving you the best possible guidance, which will enable you to manage each stage of your job application.

About MPD

MPD is a professional recruitment company with over 12 years of combined industry experience. We specialize in the supply of contract, temporary, and permanent staff across various industry verticals including Oil & Gas, Construction, IT, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, Engineering, Government, and Office.

MP Dominic Co is an Indian government-approved recruitment agent with a license exceeding 1000+. With offices in India, UAE, and Kuwait, and associate offices in Bangladesh, Nepal, Kenya, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka, MPD has established a commendable position among the leading human resource consultants in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

We focus on finding candidates who not only fit the job description but also share the same ideals and vision as the hiring organization. MPD uses scientific methods for candidate searches to ensure quality hires. With a large database of skilled professionals from around the world, we guarantee a tailored recruitment process to meet our clients’ needs.


To promote a democratic, vibrant, creative, sustainable organization that will achieve eco friendly, equitable and socio-economic development of quality of life of people.


Achieve the trust of people we work with Have pride in what we do Make our association enjoyable to people we work with


People – Service – Profit (Good people lead to exemplary service which leads to profits)

Building Trust, Taking Pride, Creating Joy:
Our Motto for Success