Our business strengths work for your business advantage


  • Profoundly relevant industry and vertical recruitment experience.
  • Rigorously trained for recruitment methodologies & relevant educational background.
  • Ability to have 360 degree vision of the organization structure: Seeing & understanding Business Drivers and accordingly spotting talent to run that business.
  • Refined listening skills: aids in understanding needs of companies as well as potential applicants.
  • Polished & professional oral communication skills.
  • Ability to interact with all members of company team & applicant community.
  • Ability to take heavy lifting of project.
  • Refined document creation & MIS management skills.
  • It enhances the efficiency of execution.


  • Placement Consultant with its own fresh database of candidates for our clients.
  • Placement consulting with network of Business Associates / franchisee, speeding up the process of advertising the requirements & sourcing right candidates.
  • Consultant who can handle a massive mobilization of up to 3000 plus personnel per month
  • Multiple screening prior to final interviewing of candidates, increasing the probability of success & cutting on precious time of corporate.


  • Our business is divided and focused on the below specified verticals.
  • Verticals based approach
  • BFSI – Banking/Insurance & Financial Service Institutions.
  • CEI – Construction, Engineering & Infrastructure.
  • FRLS – FMCG, Retail, Logistics & Shipping.
  • IT – Information Technology & Telecom.
  • OGP – Oil & Gas Projects.
  • HOS - Hotels, Resorts & Hospitals.
  • NMPA- Newspaper, Media, Production & Animation Domain expertise
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