Recruitment Procedures

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To initiate a recruitment requisition from India, the employer/client should issue a recruitment demand letter with details of the job to the recruiting agency ie M.P.DOMINIC & co. Demand letter documents consist of a set of three documents ie
1. Demand letter
2. Authorisation letter
3. Format of job contract.
The employer should then get the demand letter documents approved thru the Emigrate system of the Indian embassy at the work location of the employee.. (Please visit for more details on emigrate system )

Demand Letter
Download format here, print in company letter head
The demand letter should have the detailed list of the job categories, number of workers required in each category, monthly salary, duration of contract and other benefits for workers such as food, medical, transport, air passage, accommodation etc.

Letter of Authority
Download format here, print in company letter head
The authorisation letter is to authorise MP Dominic co to deal with selected employee visa process, passport submissions, criminal and medical check-up of selected employees etc ).

Agreement of Employment
Download format here, print in company letter head
This is a standard employment contract between employer and employee.

Flow chart Diagram

Initial Stage
  1. Demand requisition from client 
  2. Approval of the demand thru emigrate system of Indian Embassy
  3. Executive search for suitable candidates 
  4. Newspaper advertisement 
  5. Application evaluation 
  6. Shortlisting of suitable candidates
Process Stage
  1. Trade test /written test
  2. Interview & /psychometric tests
  3. Selection 
  4. Medical check up
  5. criminal check up
  1. work visa issue by client
  2. Emigration clearance
  3. Orientation of employee to new work environment
  4. Travel to work site by employee